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Contemplating MoVida

Posted in Restaurants in Melbourne with tags on June 18, 2008 by thepseudoepicurean

I’m back! After a week of feasting furiously on the Sunny Island of Singapore, I have so much writing to catch up on on the food that I had back home and the restaurants that I visited. Most of it was amazing to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever had this much food in my entire life, dinner party after dinner party, so much that I’m wondering if my parents were more excited about the food than I was!

Nevertheless, it was great fun, I’m sporting a new rock on my finger, and we’ve now taken the plunge into a whole new realm of “poverty”.

Fortunately or not, we’ve also booked ourselves a spot at MoVida long before the trip and that takes place tomorrow. Despite new resolutions to live on love and fresh air for the next year and a half, we’re also finding it hard to unbook our much-coveted spot in the restaurant as we’ve been dying to try the tapas there for the longest time.

So the next best thing you do? Justify it and come up with a perfectly legitimate excuse: It’s a celebratory dinner, we tell ourselves.