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Treasure Hunt

Posted in Chocolate, Restaurants in Melbourne with tags , on January 23, 2008 by thepseudoepicurean

This weekend has indeed been one filled with treasure finds around Melbourne. After dinner on Saturday evening, the Jman had this sudden crazy idea of “let’s go to the bar for a drink” – crazy because he doesn’t even take alcohol! Haha.

Evidently he was stressed and was in need of some chilling, so we went down to Enoteca on Gertrude Street where he’d been before and said was nice, and I hadn’t, and we did the most crazy thing of not having any alcohol at a bar…well, almost.

I wasn’t in the mood for a vino that evening and whiskey, though with an enticing selection, didn’t quite fit the mood either. It was a tad too chilly for cocktails as well, so we did the next best (granny) thing and opted for a peppermint tea and a hot chocolate instead.

Now you can’t get too far with peppermint tea simply ‘cos it’s just straightforward, but where the hot chocolate was concerned, think molten Valrhona “Manjari” pumped with a good dose of rum. Now we’re getting somewhere eh? Now THAT was absolutely to-die-for.