Beer and Chocolate

Who says you can’t have it all?

Seriously, this makes for absolutely kickass chocolate cake.

Young’s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

(image taken from th.omas)

Last night I made the most delightfully light, fluffy and moist chocolate cupcakes ever in preparation for salted caramel cupcakes (which eventually didn’t happen because I forgot to buy cream). This beer lends an incredible flavour to the cake – chocolatey, malty and slightly salty all at once. Beautiful.

The end result was a winner with all my guinea pigs in the office and it’s definitely going into my recipe keeper.

Beer+Choc cupcake with a triple-chocolate frosting and fleur de sel




6 Responses to “Beer and Chocolate”

  1. Wow, I think this just might persuade me to have a beer, I normally hate it! Chocolate beer in a cupcake! That’s just genius.

  2. thepseudoepicurean Says:

    It’s awesome. This received a huge wave of compliments from my colleagues who tried it.

    Nigella also has a chocolate Guinness cake that I’ve tried before. Also really good – malty, dense, fudgy and moist. But I think a chocolate beer just tops it all.

  3. I’m glad you liked my photo of the Double Chocolate Stout. I enjoyed drinking it.

  4. thepseudoepicurean Says:

    Tom, that was the best picture I could find on the net! Thanks mate.

  5. Oh wow! If you love chocolate you should check out 360’s Double Chocolate Vodka!!/video/video.php?v=466500175144 – this is the amazing cocktail recipe I found on their facebook page and tried out this weekend!

  6. thepseudoepicurean Says:

    Thanks for the link, Ashley. It does look divine! I’m gonna have to hunt for this Double Chocolate Vodka magic stuff.

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