I turned one year older yesterday, but contrary to being depressed about the unavoidable ageing process, I realised it was a great time to eat all the cake in the world without feeling at all depressed about it. It’s my birthday and no one was gonna take my cake away from me!

The celebrations kicked off on Tuesday night, where my mother-in-law whipped up a fantastic Indian feast and made a ridiculously indulgent chocolate cake. It was SO good, I even had two slices of it for breakfast the next day.

My colleagues then took me out for lunch. And it was followed by MORE cake.

Then later on at night I had dinner with the husband at Esposito. Oh…Esposito! It was amazing! Fantastic! We particularly felt that the entrees and the dessert were perfectly executed. In my husband’s words, every element of those dishes tied in perfectly together.

The mains (we both had fish – he had a John Dory while I had the King George Whiting), although still very good, didn’t excite as much. We felt that the chef was trying to be a little too adventurous with the Dory (it was pan-seared and drizzled with beetroot essence – a little too ‘try-hard’ in our books as the fish would’ve tasted excellent on its own). The whiting was also really good, but perhaps a little squeeze of lemon would’ve perfected it. It was also very slightly overdone, but the husband didn’t think so, so perhaps it really was just me.

I shall do a proper review once I’ve got my photos out of my camera. For now, I am still on a post-birthday high and haven’t quite gotten down to planet Earth just yet.

Stay tuned for more!


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