Muffin Madness

The household has been on a muffin craze of late. To date, we’ve made orange muffins, apple, oat and yoghurt ones, granola ones, chocolate ones all in a span of TWO weeks. Muffins are a dream to bake. They are fantastic when I’ve got the baking itch but feeling absolutely lazy about cleaning up. Dry ingredients. Wet ingredients. Mix them all up (although the husband gets a little complicated sometimes and decides to whip the butter and sugar together; me, I can’t be stuffed. I use olive oil and my excuse is that it’s healthier anyway). WOOHOO!

We’ve also discovered that it’s a fantastic way of finishing up all the little bits and pieces of knick knacks in our pantry (shhh, don’t tell anyone I told you!). Apples, granola, the odd remnants of oats, yoghurt, buttermilk etc…so much that we’re now even contemplating Tim Tam ones just for the heck of it.

Super Decadant Dark Chocolate Muffins

Super Decadant Dark Chocolate Muffins

One of my all-time favourite muffin recipes is Nigella’s Orange Breakfast Muffins. The ingredients are so unbelievably simple and the end result so indulgent that I would make it everyday for breakfast if only I woke up just half an hour earlier each day. I also adore her granola muffin recipe but that requires some granola and buttermilk, which I wouldn’t assume everyone would always keep in the pantry. But that shouldn’t stop anyone though; almost anything could go into a muffin I swear.

Go try it out and tell me what other muffin combinations you’ve come up with! I’m definitely excited to try!


2 Responses to “Muffin Madness”

  1. hey babes, i love using up bananas which are over-ripe or apples which are not sweet/crunchy for muffins too! i read in my friend’s blog about lemon strawberry rosemary muffins! sounds really weird, huh? maybe you wanna give it a go? do u have a good muffin recipe that uses yogurt to share? i’ve half a tub in the fridge.

    • thepseudoepicurean Says:

      That’s a good question. I think we jsut used it in place of buttermilk and it turned out to be quite a good substitute! I’m not impressed by the amount of butter that went into the muffin though. Far too much for my liking!

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