Spring’s Come Early

According to Today Tonight we’re having some ridiculously early spring weather this year, thanks/no thanks to global warming, and although I might risk the wrath of the fervent Greenies in saying this (my only saving grace would be that I do recycle/bring my own grocery bags to the supermarkets/time my showers/flick all switches off), I’m welcoming this early dose of happiness-inducing climate!

As it is I am craving lots of fresh fruit and foods and spring is just the right season for this – think raw vegetables, berries in everything, fruit juices for lunch. There is nothing more invigorating than freshness, and if not for the cold (and the fact that a girl needs her steak) I’d be having juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner all day, everyday!

Just last night, the husband and I trooped over to Bunnings in search of some new plants for our balcony ledge. Bless his green fingers, really – we’ve got coriander, parsley, mint, lettuce, tomatoes, oregano, thyme, basil…and thanks to Granny, we also have a newly-sprouted curry plant! Last night we added more tomato shrubs to our already brimming balcony, and we even bought a greenhouse (yes, you got that right, a greenhouse) just to up the ante!

As much as I hate gardening (I killed my cactus), and I haven’t inherited any of that green genes from my mother, I get pretty excited watching the little seedlings sprout into what could be my next dinner. What’s more, it’s organic, it’s fresh, and it’s (almost) free!

So stay tuned to watch our little “backyard” project. Spring is truly, truly an exciting time!


One Response to “Spring’s Come Early”

  1. Being from Alaska, I have seen first hand the effects of global warming. I have witnessed glaciers calve off in monumental proportions.

    In fact, I found a disturbing, yet spectacular movie that shows global warming footage of calving glaciers. Huge chunks of ice breaking off into the ocean! You can find this film called “Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience” on Film Baby HERE:


    I highly recommend buying Alaska, The Tracy Arm Experience. Watch the glaciers disappear before your eyes and show your friends and family what is really going on in Alaska.

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