I Broke An Egg

I did it. I broke an egg. And the lesson du jour is this: never think of anything else when transporting eggs from carton to fridge except transporting them from carton to fridge, because while daydreaming and juggling two eggs in one hand (yes I have small hands), I accidentally let one slip and watching it fall to the ground in slow-mo style (time seems to freeze for some reason) was a rather painful experience.


It crashed onto the ground and poor humpty dumpty lay pitifully at the foot of my fridge, broken crown facing ceiling-wards. The true-blue tekfart in me was contemplating grabbing my camera/phone and snapping a shot for posterity (then tweeting/blogging about it), until I remembered that dried egg on the ground is a nightmare to clean. So I dutifully wiped up the mess with trusty old disposable kitchen towels.

Like they say, it’s no point crying over spilt milk broken egg.


4 Responses to “I Broke An Egg”

  1. hahahhahahhahaa.. this was a seriously hilarious post. don’t get me wrong, i feel sorry for Humpty Dumpty. But u know right, even the king’s horses and king’s men couldn’t put him together again, so don’t fret too much about it. i wished you had followed your instinct and grabbed your camera to take a pic of it though. would have made for a funny tweet. oh well, you can ‘accidentally’ drop another egg soon, though pl make sure you have your camera conveniently near by and within reach, thankyouverymuch!

    • thepseudoepicurean Says:

      You are hilarious my dear sister. But I’ll only break an egg the next time you come round for a visit, so that I can grab my camera while you can do the honours of cleaning up dried egg mess…especially the bits that have seeped underneath the fridge! Thankyouverymuch! 😀

  2. The best cleaner upper for a broken egg on the floor, or counter is a piece of bread…not sure why but it works so much better than paper towels or whatever else is handy. I usually use crusts, two pieces will clean it up completely, then a quick wipe with a damp paper towel and you’re good to go

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