Mr & Mrs Epicurean

I’ve been away for a very long while, but this time it’s for good reason. The Jman and I have been in Singapore for the last four weeks to become Mr & Mrs! We promised each other our love and our lives on the Fourth of July (hey, at least we can boast that the US of A celebrate our wedding anniversary every year with fireworks!), and it was an incredibly beautiful and memorable day for us.

So yes, we’ll be out of action for a while, but stay tuned as we now whip up Dinner for Two – something I anticipate to be more exciting in the years to come.


2 Responses to “Mr & Mrs Epicurean”

  1. tummyrumbles Says:

    A big congratulations! Ooh, I can imagine your wedding banquet in Singapore must have been fabulous!

    Dan and I got engaged on 4th July (last year), and are getting married in October (this year). Can’t wait!

    Anyway, look forward to reading about all your Dinners for Two!

    • The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

      Thanks Mellie! What a coincidence! Looks like you guys got engaged not long after we did in June! The banquet was amazing and the hotel took care of everything. Good luck for yours and I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming wedding!

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