Our Navels Are Back!

I love supermarket shopping, and I absolutely fresh produce. Most of the times those two terms don’t go hand in hand, but for the working class people (like me) who have to slog it out 5 days a week in the office and have no time on most Saturdays to head down to the markets, the supermarket becomes your next best friend.

Now one of my pet peeves is seeing ridiculously unseasonal fruit on our supermarket shelves, imported from our Northern/Western friends, like cherries during winter and oranges in summer. It’s not like we don’t get them at all at some point in the year (unlike in Asia, where it is virtually impossible to grow your own cherries and oranges!), so there’s really no excuse there!

So you can imagine my relief (and joy) when I finally spotted some AUSTRALIAN navel oranges at Coles last week, so much that I snapped up a 3kg bag of them. I’d had had enough of the American ones. Like most imported fruit, they are plucked from the tree too early to be juicy, sweet, and bursting with flavour; we’d been suffering with dry, tasteless, cardboard-like American oranges for way too long!

With a 3kg bag of oranges and only the Jman and I at home to finish it, we’ve been religiously juicing them up everyday to have with our meals or after a run/game of soccer. And how flavourful are they! They’re sweet, tangy, juicy and absolutely delicious – they’re like how oranges were meant to be. And there’s no way anyone could get sick of oranges, so we’re even thinking of buying us another bag of those babies.

There are other things I love to do with oranges:

  1. Nigella’s orange breakfast muffins
  2. Duck L’Orange
  3. Salad dressing
  4. Meat marinades
  5. Souffles

and the list goes on. Now to wait for them Seville oranges so I can make my marmalade. Oooh, glorious!


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