The 5th Dilemma

Reading through Mellie‘s post on Shira Nui has just made my life SO much harder! 😉 The Jman and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary next weekend and we were deliberating over our celebratory options (it’s the 5th, so it’s a unanimous decision and no surprises – we’re equal on this one, and I think he’s more than happy to dispense with the ‘formalities’) given our financial constraints with the upcoming wedding.

However, food lovers that we are, we still insisted on celebrating with a nice meal. We just can’t decide on the venue…here are the options:

  1. Shira Nui (I know everyone would tell me to just go for it…but!)
  2. Grossi Florentino – either the Cellar Bar which we absolutely adore, or The Grill just to take things up a notch since it is, after all, a reason to celebrate
  3. An extravagant meal at home. Think pucker-fresh seafood, lobster, scallops, Rustichella pasta, decadent dessert, and a kickass time whipping up our meal.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions? We’re done with MoVida, Hellenic Republic, and all the oh-so-hip establishments. We’re looking for the tried-and-tested, and the ones that have classically stood the test of time without having to fork out an arm and a leg! Why, oh why is life filled with such tough choices?


2 Responses to “The 5th Dilemma”

  1. tummyrumbles Says:

    Ooops – sorry 😉

    Go on…go the Shira Nui. You won’t regret it.

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