Vespa In My Kitchen

I’m still here! Kinda.

This time round I’ve been cooking a LOT, taking far too many photos, but not uploading them or writing about my cooking adventures. I’ve also a new addition to the family – a brand new, shiny, oooohsohot red KitchenAid!

Thanks to gift vouchers we got from our credit card rewards (see, it pays to spend!) and “wedding money” from a well-meaning family friend in advance, we made a beeline for the David Jones kitchenware department yesterday afternoon!

World, meet Rosso; Rosso, meet world.

World, meet Rosso; Rosso, meet world.

We are incredibly pleased. 😀 And I love my brother’s analogy:

Bro: OOOOO!!!! IT”S HOT!
me: yeah baby!
Bro: it’s like a Vespa in the kitchen!!!


2 Responses to “Vespa In My Kitchen”

  1. welcome to the club, girl! this machine can make our lives so much better! look forward to more yummy treats ahead!

  2. So lovely!! Mine is a mint green one (not pictured) and I love it almost as much as my son! And it doesn’t break down as much as our Vespa!

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