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Vespa In My Kitchen

Posted in Food Shopping with tags , on April 27, 2009 by thepseudoepicurean

I’m still here! Kinda.

This time round I’ve been cooking a LOT, taking far too many photos, but not uploading them or writing about my cooking adventures. I’ve also a new addition to the family – a brand new, shiny, oooohsohot red KitchenAid!

Thanks to gift vouchers we got from our credit card rewards (see, it pays to spend!) and “wedding money” from a well-meaning family friend in advance, we made a beeline for the David Jones kitchenware department yesterday afternoon!

World, meet Rosso; Rosso, meet world.

World, meet Rosso; Rosso, meet world.

We are incredibly pleased. 😀 And I love my brother’s analogy:

Bro: OOOOO!!!! IT”S HOT!
me: yeah baby!
Bro: it’s like a Vespa in the kitchen!!!