Chocolate Guinness Cake

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Curiosity got the better of the cat and I ended up making the chocolate Guinness cake. It turned out very well, although the taste of Guinness wasn’t as prominent as I’d have liked it to be. Nevertheless it made for a great chocolate cake – moist, dense, and sinfully fudgey.

I especially loved the cream cheese icing that was smothered over the cake. The slight tangy-sweet cloud of cream cheese+icingsugar+cream, calorie-packed as it was, seemed to soften yet highlight the intensity of chocolate in the cake (and trust me, it was VERY chocolatey).

It was at its best straight out of the oven, but I’ve had it in the fridge for the last 2 days and it is still delectably moist and fudgey even when cold.

Would I make it again? Yes I would, but only if I weren’t serving it to a group of girls on a diet. Does Nigella ever make anything healthy?


3 Responses to “Chocolate Guinness Cake”

  1. the answer is no. everything she makes is non-healthy… but that’s why makes it good! good looking cake!

  2. I’ve been meaning to make this one for a couple of years – I hope I’ll get there this cool season!

  3. The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

    Cass: I’m just waiting to see if she decides to cater for a “healthy” audience one day. I read somewhere that she’s trying to be more healthy! Haha.

    Cindy: You should! It was a wonderful cake, but credit has to go to the chocolate/cocoa as well. Got our supply from Monsieur Truffe and it’s worth every cent.

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