Very Vlado’s

It’s been 13 hours since I had my cow and I am still unable to look at food without feeling sick. I had an apple for breakfast instead of the usual cheese-toast, a sign that last night’s carnivorous indulgence hasn’t bid my tummy too well.

Yes, we had our inaugural (and epic, if I may add) dinner at Vlado’s, what is supposed to be the best steakhouse in Melbourne. Those who know me would know that I am not fanatic about meat. I love the occasional chicken or beef and more often than not a good piece of fish, but ask me on any day and I would happily opt for vegetarian. When R&S suggested heading there on Sunday, I thought, meh, why not. I would probably order a piece of steak and let the Jman have the rest.

BOY WAS I WRONG! What we didn’t realise was that the menu was already set – the only thing you get to choose is how you want your meat to be cooked and if you wanted more salad. The moment we sat down, a tray of sausages was ushered out onto our plates. Those are the “starters”. Then came the entrees, a mixed meat platter of pork neck, calf’s liver, mini scotch fillet (which was divine). I had a piece of the scotch and passed on the rest.

By the time we were done with our pre-mains, I was already reaching my limit. If not for the salad, I didn’t think I could get past the sausage. But there were the mains – a choice of an eye fillet of epic proportions, or a porterhouse that was equally huge – and they all looked REALLY good so we soldiered on. The waiter brandished 4 slices of pure red meat on a tray in front of us and asked us to choose our victims. I chose the eye fillet, medium rare, while the Jman had a beautifully marbled porterhouse done the same way. Some 15 minutes and more salad later, our lovely steaks arrived.

What can I say! We mercilessly dismembered our steaks and were surprised at how wonderfully tender and juicy the meat was. I didn’t like the porterhouse as much (it was sandpaper next to the eye fillet!), but the eye fillet almost melted in my mouth. What absolute pleasure! Pity I could only manage half my steak (which was in itself huge) before I had to admit defeat and passed on my precious medallion of pleasure to the Jman.

This is the first “proper” steakhouse I’ve been in Melbourne so there isn’t anything for me to compare it with, but I can say it was an enjoyable experience and definitely beats all those powerhouses in Singapore (the big boys such as Lawry’s and Morton’s) hands-down. It is also worth noting that a fellow dining companion who ordered his meat well-done found it butterflied so that it wouldn’t be dry and tough when it arrived on his plate, something I was rather impressed with. For now, even though I cannot look at another cow for a long time, I would say the dinner was a very memorable one.

We ended off dinner on a sweet note – strawberry crepes with vanilla ice cream. Not surprisingly, I polished off my entire plate with glee. As they say, there’s always room for dessert!

Next up: Charcoal Grill on the Hill. But I don’t think that would be happening in the next half a year or so.

Moo out.


3 Responses to “Very Vlado’s”

  1. looks yummy! we both love our meats.. though i have to agree that after a meaty meal, the next day we’ll go meatless… ie.. fish…
    how much is it per person? i would love to visit this place when we’re there!

    • The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

      Cass, it’s $80 a person and I’d suggest you make reservations since it’s over the festive period! Just be warned though – it’s VERY meaty, but very good.

  2. ya! i’m overwhelmed by the amount of meat!!! i would like to have a down-sized version and pay $40…hehe…. cheapo… do they have? :p

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