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Ever since the Jman introduced me to Cafenatics last week, I’ll admit that I’ve stopped going to UD. Unfortunately that’s quite a hike away from my work place, sitting in a little alley somewhere on the Collins-L.Collins-Queen-William grid, and since the Jman is only in the city twice a week (which are the days we drive in to the city), this meant that I would only be able to get my Cafenatics fix on Wednesdays and Thursdays or whenever his boss calls him in.

I guess I could deal with that, I thought to myself. Convenient enough for me to break my caffeine addiction and limit my coffee intake to two cups a week. Until.

Last Saturday, Cafenatics opened a new branch at QV. It’s right outside my tram stop (it’s diagonally across Grill’d and right next to the new Myer Furniture store), perfect opportunity to get a hot cuppa on my way up to work (I was lamenting before that it was impossible to get a decent cup of coffee on the Lonsdale stretch).

David Seng of Victoria Barista Championships finalist (or semi?) fame is barista-in-residence at QV. He was at the Collins Street branch when we first visited the place, but has moved over to QV together with the uber-coolest coffee machine I’ve seen. The cafe also uses Veneziano beans, one of the smoothest coffees I’ve tasted in Australia (although I know there is a whole lot more science that goes on in extracting the coffee and frothing the milk etc…but admittedly the beans to play a part).

What can I say, it’s just damn hard to break a coffee addiction when you’re in Melbourne, especially when the maestros are setting up shop all over the place. It’s a good problem to have, though. Hopefully we’ll be rid of Brunetti and Starbucks soon!

*raises a coffee mug to toast*


2 Responses to “Cafenatics”

  1. Hello!

    What is UD?

    It’s great to know that you enjoy my coffee.

    My curiosity has gotten the better of me…do I know you?



  2. The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

    UD’s a cafe near my office. You’ve probably seen me around. I’m usually there with Cap-no-choc. 🙂

    Great work btw. Hope things liven up at your end!

    See ya around 🙂

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