Catching Up

Pardon the silence. Things have been rather hectic in the other domains of my life and this blog has had to take a backseat; this doesn’t mean, though, that my adventures in the kitchen have come to a halt! The Jman and I have had some pretty good times in the kitchen, particularly with me taking a brief hiatus from the dreaded work monster. All in all, it’s been good.

The day I was on leave, we had a lovely picnic at the Kew Boulevard boathouse. I packed some penne with tuna in chilli oil, a salad and some sparkling apple juice and laid out our feast on one of the benches. Aah, life’s simple pleasures!

Later that day we bought a whole flathead. We stuffed it with lemon slices and parsley, then buried it under a heap of rock salt (and egg white) before baking it. The result – although slightly overcooked – was fabulous. The meat was silky and slivery, and with that slight hint of saltiness on the skin of the fish, it was divine!


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