How To Be A Domestic Birthday Baby

It’s not entirely by choice, really, that I received 3 cookbooks (2 of which were Nigella’s, chosen by me – 1 from the Jman and another from my mother – and the other a Bill Granger one) for my birthday this year, as well as a lovely stark white pestle and mortar from Maxwell & Williams.

I’m not complaning though. I’ve been going through a cookbook frenzy at the moment, poring over every recipe when deciding what to cook for dinner. Thanks to Sarah, I was introduced to a whole new world of Nigella and have been fascinated by her recipe books ever since I picked up a copy to browse at Borders some months before. Can’t say I love her videos though – it’s a little too sultry for a cooking show.

So far, I’d made orange breakfast muffins and granola. I’m a little crazy about granola/muesli at the moment. I suspect it’s got something to do with the weather lightening up these days. Imagine waking up to glorious sunshine on a weekend – it makes me want to do away with warm breakfasts and start the day with something refreshing, and nothing beats cold milk on crunchy granola and fresh strawberries instead.

I made the granola last night, in part an attempt to finish off the oats that have been sitting in my cupboard untouched the last 5 months. Just like how you make lemonade when life throws you lemons, you make granola when you’ve got an oversupply of oats awaiting their expiry date. Nigella’s “Andy’s Fairfield Granola” recipe was perfect. I bought some almonds and sunflower seeds, then made do with whatever ingredients I had in the pantry. I didn’t have brown sugar so I substituted it with raw caster sugar; I didn’t have rice malt syrup so I used maple instead. I also cut down the sugar and omitted the oil in a bid to shed some unwanted pounds. After all, they say it goes downhill once you’ve crossed your mid-twenties mark, and that’s exactly where I’ll be after today.

It’s been a lovely birthday week so far. I’ve got my cookbooks for company, and a tonne of recipes to keep myself busy for the next year! It’s a pretty good start I must say. As for now, let’s bring on the par-tay!


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