I Thought Mellie Might Like To Know That…

I went to Espressino for my coffee this morning and lunch this afternoon and was suitably impressed with their spinach panini (with pecorino and free-range sunny side up). I thought the milk for the coffee was done really well, but the coffee tasted a little weak for a cappuccino. I might ask for a strong one next time.


2 Responses to “I Thought Mellie Might Like To Know That…”

  1. Ahh…glad you finally found Madame Brussels Lane 🙂

    Their panini / piadina / foccaccia are pretty darn good – mostly because they keep things simple and use great ingredients.

    I rate their coffees as one of the better ones on the block, although I must confess I haven’t had their cappucino. I’m a cafe latte, macchiato or short black kind of girl.

  2. The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

    Yes! Even their pastries looked pretty inviting. The rolls and wraps were nice and I love the fact that their breads are from Dench.

    Coffee wise, I had a second one from them this morning and I’ll have to say that I prefer the one from Urban Deli, but only if Danny (the owner) does it.

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