Enak Eco

Thank God for pre-made sauces that are artificial-preservative free, chemical-free, and are almost as good as their homemade counterparts. I was introduced to the Enak Eco satay sauce by the Jman’s mom, who in her own right is a cooking goddess, and I have learnt that whatever the cooking goddess says, goes. So no sweating over complicated spice mixes and proportions for this Saturday’s party!

Enak Eco does peanut sauces for gado-gado (a Malay vegetable salad with peanut sauce), pecel, and satay. For the satay this Saturday, I’ve decided against making the sauce from scratch and go with the pre-made one instead. I bought the pecel and satay sauces from the Great Eastern Asian grocers on Russell Street to figure out which one I liked better, since they are all peanut-based sauces.

The verdict: I actually prefer the pecel sauce over the satay one because of the addition of kaffir lime leaves (also known as limau leaves). The tang of the kaffir lime leaves is a fabulous twist and gives an otherwise stodgy sauce an instant lift! There are also more crunchy peanut bits in it, whereas the satay sauce is more pasty. It’s like crunchy peanut butter versus smooth; the satay sauce tastes more like sweet peanut butter to me. And personally, I am tempted to pick up a packet of the gado-gado sauce today just for the heck of it, and decide which one goes best with my stay.

For my party this Saturday, I have decided to mix the two (pecel and satay), then add more sambal and freshly roasted, crushed peanuts to up the OOMPH factor. I think it will be perfect – slightly sweet, crunchy, and tangy all at the same time. SCORE!

Next up: preparing the sambal and seasoning the satay…


One Response to “Enak Eco”

  1. gado-gado is an Indonesian original receipies … not Malay… and also batik, “Rasa Sayange” song, and some other etnics’ treasure in Indonesia that have been taken from Indonesia by Malaysia.
    There are many kind of Indonesia traditional salads
    1. Gado-Gado from Betawi
    2. Pecel from central java with peanut sauce and or petis (sauce made from fermented shrimp)
    3. Rujak Cingur from east java (vegetrables salad + copped fried cow lips)
    4. Rujak from central java, a fruit salad with hot palm sugar (adopted by north sumatra and west java by additioning copped peanut)
    5. Tahu goreng from north sumatra (vegetables + fried local tofu with peanut sauce)

    like rujak, those salads have been adopted by many cultures in Indonesia and have been modificated by local recipe

    Wanna prove, just visit our country 🙂 we will delight to welcome you gently

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