Gânache Revisited

Last Saturday evening while on our way to the Jman’s surprise party, I managed to convince him to stop by Gânache to stall for time, while the other guests were still streaming into the restaurant. This diversion was dead easy, and took no effort on my part to get him away from the incomplete party.

This time, unlike the last, we were there for the chocolate. No fancy-schmancy cakes or hot chocolate. We just wanted chocolate (of course, we didn’t have that much time on our hands either). We had a look at the display and were pleasantly surprised by a couple of new sightings on the shelf, despite most of them bearing an uncanny resemblance to the display at Koko Black. But I digress.

To cut the long story short, I was impressed. Most worthy of mention is the salted almond chocolate. The salt on the chocolate, as alien as it may sound, was most delicate and wonderful. The juxtapositioning of savoury and sweet was perfectly balanced, enhancing the flavour of chocolate in your mouth. Oooh, it was absolutely stunning and a clear winner in my books!

We also tried the figaro – fig, nuts and I-can’t-remember-what-else chopped roughly into a semi-pastey state, then wrapped under a ring of dark chocolate. The Jman thought it was quite interesting, but it didn’t sit too well with me. Then again, it was probably more of a personal preference than anything else.

The Jman’s favourite was the chocolate bar with cocoa nibs. That was my next favourite after the salty almond one. With a 60% cocoa content, it was sufficiently intense without being overpowering nor cloying. Even his grandma liked it!

I’ve got the feeling that Mr. Backes is starting to outdo himself, and I’m secretly pleased that he has just taken himself a notch higher. I’m also secretly hoping he doesn’t expand his business at all, as that almost always spells an absolute disaster in the making.

And by the way, has anyone gotten wind of Monsieur Truffe’s flagship store/cafe yet? The last time we spoke to him, he made mention of the possibility of a store/cafe in some place (I shan’t name it for his sake), but I’ve driven up and down the stretch of road and have yet to find it).


4 Responses to “Gânache Revisited”

  1. Hmm, I hadn’t heard the M.Truffe gossip. Ed at the Tomato blog is probably the guy most likely to have heard more, but who knows…

  2. The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

    Got the word straight from the horse’s mouth, so I was pretty sure I heard right! 🙂 But then again, you’re right…who knows.

  3. Try subscribing to the Monsieur’s blog: http://monsieurtruffe.wordpress.com/ . In hasn’t been updated in months, unfortunately.

  4. The Pseudo Epicurean Says:

    Thanks Cindy. Guess what I heard wasn’t a myth after all. I’m really looking forward to this shop!

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