Tangible Tangelos

It’s winter, and ’tis the season for citrus fruit. Oranges, mandarins and grapefruit abound – the supermarket shelves are stocked with them, and I can’t help but notice how cheap the mandarins are (under $3 per kilo) compared to the Chinese New Year period in February (Safeway was selling them for $10 per kilo back then!).

I love all sorts of citrus fruit, but my latest craze has got to be the tangelo. They look like an exaggerated navel orange, but in reality they are more like mandarins with an extra OOMPH! to them. And if I may add, without sounding corny, they are more tangy. No, really.

The good news for me is that we’re only a-third way through winter, so that leaves me with 2 more months of enjoying the citrus fruit before spring takes over and stone fruit, which I absolutely adore, floods the markets. You really couldn’t get Australia. Australia gives great fruit, and I couldn’t be more fortunate that I needn’t fork out an arm or a leg for a bag of fruit that came straight from the orchard.


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