Lesson du Jour: Never Bake A Cheesecake At Night

Juggling dinner and baking a cake at 8.30pm at night isn’t such a good idea after all. When I got home from work last night, I set out to bake a cake for my colleague’s birthday which is today. She loves the Japanese cheesecake soufflé, and I thought I’d make my virgin attempt at it after dinner.

I got all the ingredients from Safeway during my lunch break, and by the time I got home the cheese had softened nicely. Great, it shouldn’t take long to whip up. I did some mental calculations with the time; it takes an hour and a half to bake, so if I could get it into the oven by 9.30, the cake would be out by 11pm, 11.15 at the latest, and I could get to bed by 11.30 in time for my beauty sleep.

Little did I know. These things don’t always work out the way you want them to. After an hour and a half, the bottom of the cake was still too moist and hadn’t quite set. In the end it took slightly over two hours to bake, and by the time I got to bed, it was midnight.

I made a mini sampler for the Jman to try as well. Thankfully it turned out well and it was surprisingly easy to make. I didn’t get to poke my finger into its larger twin so fingers crossed, it’ll turn out well.

Ok the moment of truth has arrived – the birthday girl is here!


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