The Food Photographer

The cousin “steelwool” – when she was studying here in Melbourne last year, we used to have cookouts at my place where I’d teach her how to do a few simple dishes and desserts. On hindsight, I think this trigger happy cousin of mine was more excited about the prospect of having a new subject to photograph than cooking itself, and photo-documented my recipes and instructions. This girl has the amazing ability to make food appear better than it tastes.

So when I told my cousin that I was starting a food blog, she very excitedly sent me an email of links from her own food blog. You see, she’d gone and photo-journaled all our cookout sessions and put in instructional captions on the photos. Amazing.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the links for the sake of some eye-candy and because my cousin’s a great photographer. I won’t comment about the food though. 😉


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