The World’s My Oyster

Antipasto & Pasta
The root of the storm in my kitchen

The weekend is finally here and I can say goodbye to yet another busy week that has gone by. I bid my Excel spreadsheets for the week goodbye and ushered in the weekend with a little dinner party at home. So the apartment was finally minted with its first dinner guests tonight, Michael Buble was blasting in the background and the kitchen was in full operation despite the simple but ever-so-classic menu of antipasti and a garlic and white wine linguine marinara – always a crowd pleaser.

Antipasto @ DOC's
Antipasto platter at D.O.C’s Pizza & Mozzarella Bar

The antipasto platter which consisted of paper thin slices of cured meats (a San Danielle proscuitto, some other random proscuitto and smoked bresaola that we bought from the local deli), buffalo mozzarella and ciabatta, was inspired by our dinner at D.O.C. Pizza & Mozzarella Bar some time back. There was no doubt the chef stuck to his guns and the mantra that “less is more”, and served up the bare minimum of proscuitto and bresaola, a fat ball of buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy and some grissini sticks. It was that simple, but it made such a bold statement that it left a lasting impression on us.

I really enjoyed the linguine too. We threw some pippies, prawns and squid into a mound of olive oil and garlic, added a few glugs of a 2001 Semillon (such a waste of good vino!) and tossed it all into the pot of pasta. Mmm…

But I digress. The food was great tonight and the company was even better. Pity my guests didn’t drink because I imagined our meal would go down really nicely with a good bottle of vino, but the company was ace anyway without the alcohol. Thankfully I’ve got a ride and a run in order tomorrow morning. All this pent-up energy’s got to go somewhere! What a lovely way to begin the weekend. Absolutely.


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