Jamie O’s Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies

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Chocolate brownies. You either make them, or you break them. I have seen countless recipes on the Internet, and I have tasted as many different interpretations of them as well. The thing about chocolate brownies is that they’re very much like coffee – everyone has their preferences. Some like them with nuts, others like them plain; some barely display a hint of chocolate in them, others are loaded with so much chocolate I swear my nose would bleed on the spot; these are the worst ones – floury, dry, and just plain awful.

And then there are Jamie Oliver’s Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies, which I swear are BLOOMIN’ BRILLIANT indeed! Very much THE BOMB.

Now these brownies are loaded with everything unhealthy. For a recipe that makes approximately 20 brownies (little ones at that), it has a record-breaking 250g of butter, 300g of sugar, 200g of chocolate and 4 eggs. That makes for a LOT of fat per brownie, virtually artery-clogging stuff. But oh golly these are truly the best brownies I have ever tasted! They are moist, fudgey, the perfect degree of chocolateyness (if there is ever such a word), yet firm without being at all too crumbly.

I did have to bake it an extra 10 minutes as the mixture had barely set, but I have a feeling that my oven was to blame for that. I also realised that the brownie does firm up when cooled, so even if your test skewer came out unclean, that’s no harm done (in fact you’d probably get an even moister, fudgier end-result). Mine was very slightly on the dry side, perhaps a little too long in the oven, but I suspect the amount of fat in the mixture made up for it and yielded the most tender crumb.

I also sprinkled a little magic over the brownies before baking them – a mixture of light brown sugar, cocoa powder, and yes, fleur de sel.

Quince and Ginger Muffins

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Something about these that makes me long to curl up in bed, book in one hand, muffin and Earl Grey tea in the other.

Butter Chicken

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Mm mmm…this is one of the reasons why I think my husband really rawks: after an evening of shopping around the city, I stepped into a house that was filled with the aroma of Indian spices.

He’d made the best butter chicken I’d ever tasted (and I am not a fan of butter chicken at all) and to top it off, he even went to great lengths to grill the chicken with tandoori spices before adding them into the sauce!

He served it with basmati rice, a cucumber and yoghurt raita and some leftover homemade flour tortillas which we toasted up to pass it off as “chappati”.

And to think I wanted to go out for dinner last night.

Beer and Chocolate

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Who says you can’t have it all?

Seriously, this makes for absolutely kickass chocolate cake.

Young’s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

(image taken from th.omas)

Last night I made the most delightfully light, fluffy and moist chocolate cupcakes ever in preparation for salted caramel cupcakes (which eventually didn’t happen because I forgot to buy cream). This beer lends an incredible flavour to the cake – chocolatey, malty and slightly salty all at once. Beautiful.

The end result was a winner with all my guinea pigs in the office and it’s definitely going into my recipe keeper.

Beer+Choc cupcake with a triple-chocolate frosting and fleur de sel



Going Back To My Roots

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I’m currently a little obsessed about Asian cooking at the moment, partly because I miss local Singaporean / Malaysian fare, and the other part is intent on fulfilling my “good Asian wife” duty and feed the husband well. More often than not, the husband ends up cooking for me these days because of extremely gruelling days in the office culminating in a can’t-be-arsed-to-cook mood by the time I get home. And so on days when I actually leave the office feeling partly alive, I try to make up for the times when my domestication was absent.

I’ve tried my hand at a number of dishes, namely:

1. Wat dan hor (stir-fried rice noodles with egg gravy)
2. Tomato prawns, inspired by my aunt who makes a kick-ass version. I couldn’t remember the exact ingredients she used so I just followed my instincts and voila! Tasted pretty good!
3. Tofu-wrapped chicken nuggets

Wat Dan Hor (stir-fried rice noodles with egg gravy), recipe adapted from Lily’s Wai Sek Hong.

Wat Dan Hor (stir-fried rice noodles with egg gravy)



  1. 300g fresh rice noodles, preferably thick-cut
  2. 3-4T oil
  3. 1T light soy sauce (or more to taste)
  4. 1T dark soy sauce (or more to taste)


  1. 2 chicken thigh fillets, sliced into finger-sized pieces
  2. 100g prawns, shelled and deveined
  3. 1 small calamari, cut into rings
  4. 1 bunch choy sum, cut into 3 inch sticks
  5. 500ml chicken stock
  6. 2 cloves garlic, minced
  7. 2 T cornstarch mixed with 1/2 cup water
  8. Dash of light soy sauce, to taste
  9. 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  10. Dash of pepper, to taste
  11. Pickled green chilli (optional)


  1. Heat oil in a wok
  2. Add in noodles and both soy sauces and stir fry till slightly charred. Add more soy if you like. Set aside.
  3. Clean the wok.
  4. Heat more oil in the wok
  5. Fry the garlic till fragrant, then add the chicken and prawns and continue to toss until almost cooked.
  6. At this point, add in the calamari and stir fry for 30 seconds, then add the soy sauce and chicken stock and bring to a boil.
  7. Now add the choy sum and stir in half the corn starch mixture (note: you may not need all of the corn starch mixture) and bring to a boil again. If the mixture is not thick enough, add more of the corn starch mixture until the desired thickness is achieved.
  8. Turn off the heat and drizzle the lightly beaten eggs over the sauce. Let sit for a minute before stirring the egg mixture through the gravy.
  9. Dish up noodles into a wide-mouthed bowl and pour a generous amount of the gravy over the noodles.
  10. Serve with pickled green chilli for added effect!

Next up, the recipe for my 6th aunt’s tomato prawns. Mmm…

Will Run For Figs

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Fig Tree

Image taken from http://prepareformass.files.wordpress.com

Lately I discovered something new about myself – I love figs. Not just any figs, but the kind that came straight off the tree from a little old Italian grandma’s garden. There is something about a perfectly ripened fig that is sooooo satisfying that it almost sends shivers up my spine, the thrill that comes with tearing it open, waiting for the moment of truth to prevail – whether or not you’d picked a perfect fig.

Then you pop it into your mouth and all of a sudden there’s a party going on in there! I’ve likened it to a cross between a watermelon and a strawberry – jammy, soft and almost mushy, suspiciously seedy, and most of all INSANELY SWEET! Look ma, I just ate a flower!

Somewhere along the trail that the Jman and I frequently run sits a grandiose-looking fig tree. God knows how old it really is because it’s a massive tree, and since the summer days it has been our pit-stop each time we run. It was from that tree that I tasted my first hand-picked fig, and there’s been no turning back ever since. I suppose I will now have to shamefully admit that we’ve been hanging around the tree and spying the figs, and on a number of occasions helped ourselves to the rare (because I’m certain that there’s an old Italian man lurking somewhere in the bushes picking the good ones while we’re at work!), perfectly-ripened fig before running away gleefully like giggly (but guilty) schoolkids. *hangs head in shame*

These days, the fig tree is the only thing that gets me excited about running. Waking up this morning to go for a run was all of a chore until the husband drew the fig tree trump card. “But there’s the fig tree, darling”, he persuaded as I stubbornly refused to budge from under the covers. And it wasn’t much longer before I found myself lacing up my runners and pounding the trails. The tree gave us 2 figs today. And there were another 3 that we purchased with a gold coin from a cafe we had breakfast in, incidentally from an old, little Italian man’s garden.

Ah, to have my very own fig tree one day…but for now I will still have to run for my figs.

The Cooktop Dilemma

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The husband and I are in the midst of planning for our new kitchen, and one of our biggest headaches at the moment is finding the right stove. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we’ve got a few criteria that needs to be fulfilled and despite the wide array of stoves available to us – both Australian- and European-made – this has proven to be a much greater challenge than we imagined!

First off, these are the things we look for in a stove:

A. 90cm, 5 or 6 burners
B. Must have a wok-burner of at least 15mj/h, but ideally 17mj/h and above.
C. The wok-burner must be on the side panel and not the middle, and if coupled with a smaller burner in the same panel, it needs to be in front
D. The dials should ideally be at the front and not the side. Dials on the side just mean space wastage.

Just 4 simple criteria and almost nothing we’ve seen really meets them all. Now meet the Highland cooktop:

The 6-burner Highland Cooktop

There is the Highland that we’ve been looking at and ogling over – it is perfect. It truly is a work of art with 6 burners, 2 x 22mj/h wok-burners, and is about 98cm long. There is ample room on the stove with each burner well-spaced out from the other, and the husband and I can finally work side by side without a fight! But with a price tag that could afford us a trip to the moon and back, we’ve unfortunately had to shelve away any hope of owning one and explore other options.

Then there’s the Ilves. The Mieles. The Boschs. The Blancos. The Smegs.

We’ve pretty much ruled out the common-brand Blancos and Smegs. Price-wise, they don’t come cheap but they are not much different from the Electroluxes or Westinghouses. So that leaves us with Ilve and Miele.

We’re leaning more towards an Ilve because we just like to be anti-establishment – there’s too much hype about Miele and the specs don’t seem to justify the price tag. I’ve heard that Miele is a good brand, but how good is good and are they really worth the price? On the other hand, while Ilve seems like a good brand to go by, I haven’t heard much about it.

So Ilve? Miele? What other brands are worth checking out? What would you recommend and why?